Transistional Housing

If there is a location that we may have missed, please email to have your location added to our list.

Alliance Apartments
715-719 16th St. E., Minneapolis
wait list, must be sober and active (usually working), $25 application fee
Other Aeon housing options:

Continental Hotel
66 12th St., Minneapolis
3-month wait list, $15 application, $215-250 per month or 30 percent of income

Exodus Residence
819 2nd Ave., Minneapolis
call daily for openings, rent is $330 per month, must be working

The Lamoreaux
706 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis
3-month wait list, $15 application, $215-250 per month

The Heritage

624 9th St., Minneapolis
apply in person, $388 per month or 30 percent of income

House of Charity
510 8th St. S., Minneapolis
wait list, $250 per month, must be sober and active

Project for Pride in Living

1925 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis
must have a job, be willing to participate in community living

Our Saviour’s Housing

2301 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis
must be working, cooperative living, rent is less than 30 percent of income

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