Letter to the editor: Mpls NAACP calls for an end to all discrimination in Minnesota



The President of the United States recently took a stand on the issue of gay marriage that seeks to promote equality for all in our society. We would like to address the prevailing thought that the African American community is somehow anti-gay and opposed to the president’s stance on gay marriage.

We would hope that members of our community would not use against those in the gay community the same discriminatory, religious, and/or baseless moral arguments that were used to justify slavery, Jim Crow, and racial segregation against people of color. African Americans know more than any group in the history of civilization what discrimination and hatred can do to a group of people.

Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you describe it, and we would encourage all members of the great state of Minnesota to stop discrimination in all forms against all people.


Booker T Hodges 

President, Minneapolis NAACP  






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