Living the Single Life

Look here every week for MSR’s profiles of local men and 

women who are, at least for now, unattached and…living the single life.

This Week’s Single:

Mel Reeves


Age:  ageless (LOL)


Journalist, columnist, 

organizer /activist

City: Minneapolis


Single life is… a blessing and a curse. The time to oneself is great I can get a lot done and don’t have to answer to anyone or accommodate another’s needs. On the other hand,  I am a bit of a  romantic and like walking in the park with someone special and sharing. You can’t do that by yourself 


Single last thing I splurged on …  I ate out recently at  McCormick and Schmicks in downtown Minneapolis.


Single recent good deed I did was…  trying to help a good friend stay in her house and fight off foreclosure.


Single last reality show I watched … I don’t watch reality shows because most of the time there are people on the show embarrassing themselves and I wind up feeling bad for the participants. 


Single piece of advice my mother gave me was… “always be your self”



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