Living the Single Life


This Week’s Single:

Look here every week for MSR’s profiles of local men and women who are, at least for now, unattached and…living the single life.




Shawana Reliford


Age: 35

City:  Inver Grove Heights


Single life is sometimes good, but can be lonely at times.


Single last thing I splurged onwas a trip to Miami a few years ago. I spent the weekend with my cousins creating memories that will last forever.


Single recent good deed I did washelping a friend out who had to take a second job. I babysat for her at no charge.


Single last reality show I watched…  Catfish, a reality show about online love. It amazes me how some of the relationships end up.


Single piece of advice my mother gave me was… to cherish my body as a temple and not to let any man abuse it.














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