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The chief reaches out — Harteau meets with Black officers



The last couple of months have been challenging for the administration of Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau. She is showing she can meet challenges and seek solutions. The incidents embarrassing to the department — in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Green Bay, Wisconsin, downtown Minneapolis, the shooting death of Terrance Franklin, etc. — show how the rank and file have become their own worst enemy, creating problems for the department, seeding suspicion in communities of color, and reducing their credibility in White communities. Chief Janeé Harteau’s recent decision to reach out to Black officers in her department showed she is developing a keen understanding of why and how to bring everyone to the table, demonstrating growth and maturity. Continue Reading →

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Why I don’t call the police



In a Minneapolis Police Department squad car, this morning: crowded by claustrophobia-like cowardice on a battlefield, reflect on how one can do right and still go wrong. Years back, assaulted on the sidewalk. Call 911. Squad car comes. Describing the assailant, am interrupted, ”Show me I.D. What’re you doing out here? Continue Reading →

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We need a change



By Marian Wright Edelman

Guest Commentator


“Dear President Obama . . . Guns are really easy to get and people think they need them to protect themselves, but most times they’re showing off and making more problems and adding to the violence… 7 people are too many to lose and I don’t want to see another one of my friends, or even myself gone. We need a change.”

In mid-July, students at Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools summer enrichment sites across the country participated in a National Day of Action. Continue Reading →

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Rolling up our sleeves to take on the achievement gap



By Katrice Albert

Guest Commentator


It’s not surprising to hear Minneapolis/St. Paul has one of the widest student education achievement gaps — between children of color and White children — in the United States. It’s a ranking we can’t wait to shake, just as quickly as we can, for good. Doing so requires hard work on many fronts: rolling up our sleeves, listening, partnering and leading. That’s why the University of Minnesota is working with schools, school districts, parents, families, teachers and students to address this issue on many fronts. Continue Reading →

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Little Black girls need daddies, too

As the emotional impact of the George Zimmerman murder acquittal begins to settle, the focus has once again returned to the importance of having healthy men in the lives of young Black boys. This has been the same focus since the 1980s. Rightfully so, as Black males are being targeted and victimized at alarming rates. This is true. However, I believe it is incumbent upon us, as Black folks, to not forget about Black girls as well. Continue Reading →

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Creating a stand-out work portfolio

A portfolio with real examples of your work communicates more than just the quality of your work. It demonstrates your passion and commitment to your profession. Let’s take a closer look at what a work portfolio is and how to create one.  

What is a work portfolio? A work portfolio is a collection of the best examples of your work, regardless of the type of work you do.  A work portfolio gives credibility to your résumé and cover letter. Continue Reading →

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Surprising pregnancy facts: body changes beyond your tummy


You expect your abdomen to grow during pregnancy — and perhaps your breasts, too — but the following physical changes may take you by surprise. As with many pregnancy changes, hormones and genetics play a major role in most of these changes in your looks.  

Thicker, more luxurious hair 

This is kind of an illusion. You’re not actually growing more hair, just losing less than you normally do. Everyone loses 100 or more hairs per day, but during pregnancy this rate slows down. Your body sheds hair much more slowly than it did before, causing a net gain and thicker, fuller looking hair. What to do: If thicker hair is desirable, enjoy it. If it’s making your mane more unruly than ever, ask your stylist to do some thinning at your next visit. Continue Reading →

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August is Emotional Wellbeing Month

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has created many national programs to improve the health and wellness of employees and has designated August as Emotional Wellbeing Month. Feeling a sense of contentment, having a purpose, and being able to laugh and have fun are all characteristics of emotional wellbeing. Being emotionally healthy is more than the lack of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. The ability to work through life’s challenges and adapt are key components of feeling emotionally healthy and balanced. Our bodies and brains are connected, and our emotional and mental health has a strong impact on physical health. Continue Reading →

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This Week’s Entertainment Spotlights

The Music

Diana Ross
Wed., Aug. 28, 8 pm • Orpheum Theatre, 910 Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 1-800-982-2787 or • The legendary Grammy and Tony Award-winning vocalist named “Female Entertainer of the Century” by Billboard Magazine will give a rare, one-night-only performance at the Orpheum Theatre.  



Robert Cray
Sun. Aug. 25, 7:30 pm • Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater, 13000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley, 952-431-9200, or • With his mix of rock, soul, jazz, blues, plus a little gospel feel, Robert is internationally admired as a stylist whose innovations have brought new life to the blues. Continue Reading →

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