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Top WNBA teams hope to peak in playoffs


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The 2013 WNBA Playoffs begin this week: Washington-Atlanta and Indiana-Chicago in the East, and Minnesota-Seattle and Los Angeles-Phoenix in the West in the four best-of-three first-round matchups.  

“When we get into the playoffs, it’s our own destiny,” notes Indiana guard Shavonte Zellous, a member of the 2012 defending champions. The Fever, the only sub-.500 club among the eight playoff teams, has been injury-riddled all season. “We’ve gotten some good wins and some tough losses as well,” explains forward Tamika Catchings. “I think we’ve gotten better from the beginning of the season to now.”


“We are going to make a good run,” predicts Zellous. Continue Reading →

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Are all males destined to become grumpy old men?








By Alyse M. Hamilton, MD 

The short answer to the question, “Are all men destined to become grumpy as they age?” is no — no man has to become a “grumpy old man.”

Growing up, do you remember that old man at the end of the block just waiting for some unsuspecting kid to step on his lawn? “Get off my lawn!” he’d bellow. Just put one toe on that man’s grass and you’d hear it for blocks: “Get off my lawn!”

You’d think that kid was walking across a white carpet with muddy feet. “Why was this old man so darned ornery?” I often wondered.  

I now understand where grumpy men come from

As an anti-aging and regenerative medical doctor, I now understand what happens to far too many men that makes them “grumpy” as they age. Continue Reading →

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The ghost of Neville Chamberlain

President Barack Obama stands in that shadow
Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of 1930s Great Britain, went to Munich, Germany to seek peace with Hitler. The “ghost” of Chamberlain refers to his miscalculating achieving “peace in our time” (a phrase used by President Obama in his second inaugural). Chamberlain’s miscalculation enabled World War II. As this column is written, the president has not yet addressed the nation or the congress. Was he persuasive? Continue Reading →

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What happened to Terence Franklin is inexcusable







By Wayne Nealis

Guest Commentator


I wish to applaud the Spokesman and the reporting and analysis of Ron Edwards in covering the killing of Terrance Franklin by Minneapolis police on May 10. I would not be sufficiently informed to write this letter without your persistent coverage. I live in a neighborhood adjacent to where Franklin died. I am writing to share a perspective on the police response and tactics in pursuing Franklin that I think needs to be part of Chief Janeé Harteau’s investigation, the county attorney’s and the Grand Jury’s deliberations. In addition to the many unanswered questions on what happened that day, we should ask why the police pursued Franklin in the first place. Continue Reading →

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This Week’s Entertainment Spotlights















Bettye Lavette

Mon.-Tues., Sept. 23-24, 7 pm • The Dakota Jazz Club,1010 Nicollet Ave. • Mpls., 612-332-1010 or • Legendary soul singer Bettye LaVette has been performing and recording for over four decades. Her eclectic musical style combines elements of soul, blues, rock and roll, funk, gospel, and country music.  



















Jimmy Cliff

Thurs., Sept. Continue Reading →

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Helen in a cab, Keith walks home

He saw Helen to a cab, pretty much poured her into the back seat, made a show to the driver of writing down the license number and gave the guy a huge tip. Then he wondered what the hell to do with himself. Outside of gigs, he didn’t spend a great deal of time in Greenwich Village or, for that matter, lower downtown at all. He’d never forgiven New York City or Bill Graham for tearing down the Fillmore East, just off Second Avenue, where, according to his dad, all the old rock music headliners had held sway. He had in his address book the numbers of a hottie or two. Continue Reading →

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Lorber and company wow Dakota crowd

Jazz and R&B heavyweights come together for “special show”


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Last week was the first time I attended a Dakota Jazz Club late show. Several patrons that attended the earlier Jeff Lorber, Everette Harp, Shawn LaBelle, and Stokley Williams set on August 28 told me that I wouldn’t be disappointed. They weren’t wrong. Billed as “a special show featuring four of the biggest names in contemporary jazz and R&B,” the four veteran artists easily could have done a solo performance at the downtown Minneapolis club, but as a quartet, they nonetheless rocked the house. LaBelle, who plays keyboards and bass, assembled the quartet: “It means a lot to have all these guys come in. Continue Reading →

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MPS settles lawsuit, establishes fund to compensate students

Classes taught by unlicensed teachers led some to lose required credits
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) will establish a compensatory fund for former Broadway High School students to settle a class-action lawsuit filed against the district in 2012. The Minneapolis School Board voted to approve the settlement during its September 10 meeting. Broadway is a Minneapolis alternative high school that serves pregnant and parenting teens, and also provides free child care and other support services. In an exclusive interview with the MSR last week at the

Davis Center, MPS officials said that ongoing discussions between the district and the plaintiffs began last November, and in July they reached a preliminary settlement agreement. “The district always had the position that we wanted to do what was best for the students, and we wanted to make sure that we could provide the opportunity that was in the best interest of these students,” explained MPS Assistant General Counsel Cedrick Frazier. Continue Reading →

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Racketeering Bowl I — Vikings vs. Browns Sunday

Vikings lose again, this time a heartbreaker, 31-30 at Chicago last Sunday. Bears tight end Martellus Bennett grabbed the game-winning touchdown of 16 yards from quarterback Jay Cutler with 10 seconds left to push the Vikings into an 0-2 hole. No team that started 0-2 has made the playoffs in the NFL since 2007, so the Vikings had better get busy. Not only are the Vikings 0-2, they are 0-2 in the Division to Detroit and Chicago,

two teams that missed the playoffs and that they finished ahead of last year. Leading 30-24 and settling for a Blair Walsh field goal with three minutes left after failing to finish the Bears off, the Vikings allowed the Bears to march 66 yards right down their throat to win it with 10 seconds left. Continue Reading →

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Top metro players show their stuff

It was quite the weekend in prep football. Here are 10 outstanding performances turned in by some of the metro area’s top players. TERRENCE HICKS (Minneapolis Roosevelt) — The QB ran for a touchdown, passed for another, and added three two-point conversions in a 36-2 victory over St. Paul Humboldt. FELIX TAYLOR, JR. (St. Continue Reading →

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