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Minnesota Orchestra unveils 2014 “Live at Orchestra Hall” and Sommerfest concerts

Having just witnessed a richly entertaining musical show during the 2014 NBA All Star Game held in New Orleans featuring New Orleans own Rebirth Brass Band, Trombone Shorty, and Dr. John, among others, I couldn’t help but think about our own musical entertainment on the horizon. Recently, I received a lovely 10-page booklet from the Minnesota Orchestra, which reminded me of the press release I had also received highlighting this new season’s music to be held at its newly renovated venue, which looks beautiful. For discerning season ticket holders and regular attendees, from the looks of things, prepare for a déjà vu moment. Indeed, the Minnesota Orchestra is back in business and unveiled their 2014 “Live at Orchestra Hall” concerts billed as a “broad spectrum series of popular music, jazz, world music, Broadway classics, movie scores,

comedy, and other genres — bringing under one umbrella several separate concert series previously offered by the orchestra.”

Live at Orchestra Hall includes shows with returning vocalist Bobby McFerrin and his band (April), a Nat King Tribute starring guitarist John Pizzarelli and Grammy Award-winning pianist Ramsey Lewis (April), who performed along with his band at the Dakota last year. Music supporters can also expect the return of two Grammy-Award winning trumpeters Chris Botti (March) and Pops Conductor Laureate Doc Severinsen (April). Continue Reading →

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Keith works hard to stay cool

He didn’t know what else to do except say, “You look great.” Of course, she looks great, stupid. Could you be anymore lame? He forced himself not to look around in anticipation of that man who’d answered her phone stepping up next to Lesli, sliding an arm around that slender waist, settling a palm on that shapely hip. Keith didn’t know what to do or what not to do. And he knew she knew it. Continue Reading →

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Youth Coordinating Board lauded for making Downtown Mpls safer

By Jerry Freeman

Senior Editor


The joint goal of the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) and the Downtown Council last summer was “to interrupt a troubling behavior cycle of disruptive and disengaged youth” in the city’s downtown area. “The results are more than impressive,” noted Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau at a February 13 morning ceremony at Minneapolis City Hall, pointing to a 42 percent reduction in juvenile crime in the downtown area and an eight percent decrease in overall violent crime last year. “There [also] was an 11 percent decrease in “late night” violent crime,” she added. Harteau credits the work of the YCB, who partnered with local large corporations and community groups “to connect the troubled teens to opportunities. They promoted better behavior guidelines…offering the teens passes and bus tokens to help them get home safely.”

Sixteen YCB staff members were presented with the Chief’s Award of Merit Certificate during the City Hall ceremony: Akim Anderson, James Everett, Bryon Hawkins, Terrall Lewis, Tameika Williams, Shane Zahn, Latoya Balogun, Johnell Hallman, Wendell Johnson, Dave Marcotte, Darrell Young, Evan Barnett, Tangene Hayslett, Sarah Klouda, Jernell McLane and Amged Yusuf. Continue Reading →

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On race and culture

Tips for sustaining a healthy lifestyle  all your life

It seems like whenever I have my hot pink gym bag in hand, an enthusiastic child of mine runs around the corner and insists they need full and complete attention. I begin to feel my grip loosen, the bag hits the floor, and there goes my gym time. These episodes happened at least once a week until I realized that in order for me to take care of my family, I must take care of me! Here are five steps that will help you exercise without guilt.


 Set your alarm early 

I know what you’re thinking: I can’t possibly get up early to exercise because I’m going to be too tired. Well, turns out that when you actually get up and get to moving, you won’t feel as tired as you thought. Continue Reading →

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Richard Pitino’s Gophers are struggling!

University of Minnesota this year has assistant basketball coaches now making $175,000. Last year under Tubby Smith, not one of his coaches was paid over $125,000. Remember, Jimmy Williams was not permitted to be an assistant coach for Tubby Smith for some frivolous violation. And the university battled in court paying big money to keep Williams off the staff. Athletic Director Norwood Teague fired Smith a year ago because Smith suggested the program needed a practice facility. Continue Reading →

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Women in sport films festival features legendary college hoops coaches









By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Besides Black History Month, February also honors the accomplishments of women and girls in sport. The University of Minnesota’s Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport for the past three years has held women’s film screenings at the Gopher football stadium to mark the occasion. Two films from last year’s ESPN’s “Nine for IX” series were featured at the 2014 Tucker Center Film Festival Feb. 6. Coach chronicles Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer, women’s basketball’s winningest active coach with 900+ wins. Continue Reading →

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Keep Pam: Firing Gopher women’s basketball coach won’t solve team’s problems

I’ve been approached of late by several Gopher women’s basketball fans. I listen attentively but with a non-committal demeanor as they complain about the current head coach. And as much as they’d hoped I would agree with them, thus far I have avoided such traps. Let me be perfectly clear — I don’t advocate for any coaches losing their jobs. It’s so easy for non-coaches, eh, fans to give ziggies from their seats. Continue Reading →

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Big week in Twin Cities boys’ basketball








This past week was one to remember in prep boys’ basketball. First I had to choose between two of the top games in the state on Tuesday. That Saturday I ended up attending a Twin City title matchup between upstart Minneapolis North, a dominant program that had recently fell on hard times, and St. Paul Johnson, a perennial power who had made eight state tournament appearances (including the Class 3A state championship in 2010) since 2004. To put everything into perspective, let’s go back to the beginning of the week. Continue Reading →

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Minneapolis NAACP swears in new members

New leaders say their mission includes no time for negativity

By Isaac Peterson

Contributing Writer


The Minneapolis NAACP meeting, held on February 22, was the first membership meeting following the organization’s election of new officers in December. The sparsely attended meeting was a strange mix of business as usual, along with a bit of the unusual. Reverend Jerry McAfee, the NAACP’s newly elected president, started off the meeting by introducing new NAACP officers and committee heads to the membership. Of special note were Farhio Khalif, assistant secretary, who hails from Somalia, and Wintana Melekin, treasurer and chair of communications committee, also from Somalia. Each is the first from her country to hold a Minneapolis NAACP leadership position. Continue Reading →

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