Earth Day is April 22: Time to walk the environmental talk


Earth Day celebrates the modern environmental movement and is a great chance to walk the environmental talk. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, it has contributed to several important environmental protection actions in the United States and around the world.

EJAM community organizers Louis Alemayehu and Harriet Oyera on a team fieldtrip at an EJAM urban farm plot in North Minneapolis.  Photo courtesy of EJAM

EJAM community organizers Louis Alemayehu and Harriet Oyera on a team fieldtrip at an EJAM urban farm plot in North Minneapolis.
Photo courtesy of EJAM

Today, it’s when we educate and encourage people to take environmental action. There are many things you can do to honor Earth Day this spring: attend an Earth Day event, plant a garden, or clean up your neighborhood.

Take for instance, Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM). This year, the North Minneapolis group and Hennepin County grantee will focus their Earth Day on the ideas of seeds and urban gardening.

Timothy Page, EJAM board member chair, says the goal of the event is to train youth environmental leaders. To do this, Page will teach the EJAM youth how to sustainably market and sell their items at local farmers markets. Page wants people to take something home from Earth Day — which could be seeing the connection between the environment and the cultural community, or simply a physical plant for the garden.

The 2014 Earth Day event will also educate the community on water issues, rain gardens, and African storytelling with guest speaker Nothando Zulu. EJAM’s 2014 Earth Day event will be a continuation of the great party they had last year with TROUPE, another environmental justice group engaging with youth. Details for Earth Day celebrations are still being finalized, so watch for updates or call EJAM, 612-886-3754.

Keep your eyes out for other ways to engage in Earth Day activities in your community, or plan your own Earth Day celebration! Hennepin County has many resources available to help with your green events:

• Environmental Education Toolkits with background information on important environmental issues, facts and statistics, and activity ideas and instructions;

• Environmental Education Learning Trunks with background information on specific environmental topics, activities, lesson plans, and project ideas;

• Experts, including master recyclers, are available to talk to your group about environmental issues;

• Green Your Event: Rent portable recycling containers and get ideas about making a zero-waste event and more.

• Apply for grants: Hennepin County has grants available for environmental education, business recycling, school recycling, environmental protection and more.

Make this Earth Day your chance to be a part of positive environmental change. To learn more about Hennepin Environment resources, go to, or contact us at 612-348-9850 or


This information was provided by Hennepin County Environmental Services.


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