2014 Elections: Black firsts, a threat to Black and White Democrats

IssuessquareThe November 2014 midterm elections were an historic victory for Black people in the Republican Party. However, as of the time of my column, the NAACP, the so-called pro-Black historians and the White media have been AWOL in the celebration of Black firsts unless they fit into the liberal definition of Black success.

Blacks must be dedicated to celebrating the achievements of all Black people whenever we accomplish victories and speak about those victories in our news media, our Black churches and schools because making known our achievements will serve to motivate young people towards goals and achievement.

Democrats show up when they need votes at election time. Democrats have given Black people welfare. Democrats have helped to reduce the Black population with their abortion policies that have killed more Black people than the KKK could ever have done.

I said it years ago that Black people are tired of this kind of Democrat Party behavior. I said it long ago that this slave dependency on the Democrat Party was generational.

Years ago I stated that younger Black Americans would begin to leave this Democrat Plantation party because the new Black Americans are losing their conditioning to vote for the rich White liberal who claims to have the best interest of the little poor and helpless at heart. We have taken a new look at the reality of Democrat — not Republican — control over our neighborhoods.

When I founded the Black Republican Advisory (Affiliate of the MN GOP), I predicted Blacks joining and being elected and/or appointed to high positions within the Republican Party, from Colin Powell (first Black secretary of defense) to Condoleezza Rice (first Black secretary of state). Moving forward to the 2014 elections we see Mia Love from Utah becoming the first African American woman and Republican elected to Congress, to Will Hurd of Texas becoming the first African American Republican congressman since Reconstruction, to Tim Scott from South Carolina becoming the first African American senator from the South since Reconstruction and the first to be elected to both the House and Senate — all three on the Republican ballot and elected this 2014 season. Despite some saying I was crazy, this has happened.

The New African Americans, Latinos, and members of other cultures are not only on the Republican ballot, they are being elected. The White liberal media is downplaying the recent 2014 Black historic Republican victories. Why? Because to make known or overplay these historic victories would reduce the Obama hype going into his (Obama’s) lame duck presidency.

Mia Love is not only Black but a Haitian-American woman. This is a threat to the Obama era that suggests, “Only the rich White liberal Democrats are free of racism, so stay with us, Black folks.”

The old-time liberal image of Black Republicans being Uncle Toms or traitors to the Blacks is nonsensical to the new Black generation. Therefore, the White liberal media is at a loss in explaining these Black historic Republican-elected victories, while Blacks’ House Democrats are at a loss as to the ineffectiveness of the Uncle Tom, traitor Black, or other degrading terms that once had an effect on some Black Republicans, thus silencing their voices in the Black community.

These newly elected Black Republicans speak out in Congress against Obama, Ellison, and the destructive liberal policies that have held Blacks down. They shall enhance a serious threat to liberals and the “We can’t be racist” Obama era.

Nationally, Republicans control both the House and Senate. Democrats, the NAACP, local media, the Urban League and others have been successful at not letting Black Republicans have the microphone or receiving worthy, equal coverage. Not anymore. These newly elected Black Republicans shall be heard.

Remember, I said it first. The newer generation of Blacks will listen.


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