The buzz is more than real for RajiTheOne

Anyone who takes the time to speak to artist RajiTheOne will find out quickly that he has a plan at hand, and nobody believes in him as much as he does. Born Jamal Rogers, the Chicago-born, and Minnesota-based artist paid his dues in the music game for nearly a decade in various capacities. … Continue reading

Designer creates magic through costumes

Have you ever stopped to think about how important clothes are? Have you ever wondered what causes someone to wear a certain sweater or dress? What would you wear when spending the day with someone special? These are just a few questions that costume designers think of when creating the looks for … Continue reading

Facing up to untreated trauma

Some say it and other mental ills have been ignored too long On February 27, Hope and Healing Counseling Services (HHCS) hosted a conversation entitled “Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma.” The event was moderated by Rev. Nekima Levy-Pounds and featured panelists Marques Armstrong, owner of … Continue reading