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Chocolate Chick’s self-affirming statements combat culture of disrespect

Spread Love Tee-shirt

Chocolate Chick Apparel gives new, improved meaning to attractively sweet and sassy, a boutique clothing line that specializes in simple, eye-catching fare that compliments the African American female.

Nicely priced, it’s headed up by owner Natasha Hunter, a Minneapolis native and graduate of North High, who handles the operation in her spare time as she winds down her career in the U.S. Navy.

What, you may well ask: Why is Chief Petty Officer Hunter doing designing and selling tee-shirts, tee-shirt dresses and sweatshirts? “Around 2005,” she reflects, “I started noticing the shift in hip hop music and how disrespect for Black women, which used to be reserved for gangsta rap, was starting to go mainstream. Continue Reading →

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