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Summons to establish custody and parenting time

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State of Minnesota District Court County of Hennepin Fourth Judicial District
Case No: 27FA-12-6171 In Re the Custody of: Daud Yaqub Jama, Born 4/20/01 Deeqa Yaqub Jama, Born 3/05/03 Hodan Abdirahman Jibril, Petitioner vs Yaqub Mohamed Jama, Respondent

Summons to Establish Custody and Parenting Time
THIS SUMMONS IS AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT THAT AFFECTS YOUR RIGHTS. READ THIS SUMMONS AND ATTACHED COMPLAINT CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY FOR LEGAL ADVICE. 1. The Petitioner has filed a lawsuit asking the Court to decide custody and parenting time of the minor child(ren) listed above in the caption. Continue Reading →

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