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It’s Tubby Smith’s fault, or is it?

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This came as no surprise to readers of our columns that exposed the destructive race card played by the UM. March 27, 2014: “Was it Tubby Smith’s fault? Gophers miss NCAA Basketball Tournament.” April 3, 2013: “Thank you Tubby for an excellent run! Tubby Smith: a man of principle and integrity.” April 10, 2013: “Congratulations, Tubby! Texas Tech hires Tubby Smith while U of M keeps looking.” Continue Reading →

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Somali American is not synonymous with terrorist


Farhana Khers, executive director of the group Muslim Advocates, said of U.S. anti-terrorist security measures, “They seem to focus on Muslim communities, which account for only a small fraction of terrorist activities in the U.S.” Yet, they never talk about increased employment opportunities or after-school programs for Whites after a White person commits an act of terrorism. Continue Reading →

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Brown baby manikin


I wanted to turn around as I approached the table looking at the singular baby manikin and ask, “Why is it that no one wanted the brown doll?” This visual sparked an emotional charge in me. I had no problem with working with the beautiful baby manikin, as I gently lifted her in my arms I slowly walked her to my seat. Continue Reading →

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