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Human trafficking


For those who have faced the difficulties of human trafficking, which takes away ones dignity, self-esteem, and self-worth, we hear you. Her life was snatched of its innocence at a young age and instantly became a roadmap of detours and caution signs. She would eventually encounter men who would cheat on their relationships and leave their vows on someone else’s bedsheets. Continue Reading →

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Dis-membering Stonewall

Rev. Irene Monroe

I am disturbed by Roland Emmerich’s historical drama Stonewall, because of its whitewashing of a historic moment turned movement. When I look back at the first night of the Stonewall Inn riots, I could have never imagined its future importance. The first night played out no differently from previous riots with Black Americans and White policemen. And so too, it being underreported. But I was there. Continue Reading →

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Ten thousand more MN Black children now in poverty than in 2008


I still remember the astonishment I felt when reading the 2008 Minnesota Kid’s Count Report published by the Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota. It addressed the disproportionate rate of poverty among the state’s Black children as compared to other states throughout the nation. I have cited this particular report in previous columns but still believe it bears repeating, especially when considering the following quote. Continue Reading →

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