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A possible lynching brings memories of Roots

E. Ellis

As a child, the worst media imagery experience for me was to be placed in front of a television set and made to watch a television series called Roots, written by Alex Haley. Never in my life had I been exposed to such sadness, hate, fear, oppression, and trauma of a generation of people whom I was told I had descended from. Continue Reading →

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Council on Black Minnesotans faces retaliation for reporting on inequities


The State of Minnesota in 1980 created the Council on Black Minnesotans to ensure that people of African heritage fully and effectively participate in and equitably benefit from the political, social and economic resources, policies and procedures of the State of Minnesota. The council is a unique community-controlled entity that serves to negate underrepresentation in state government administrative operations and legislative deliberations until the underrepresentation is eradicated. Continue Reading →

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Some Christians show their real colors in time for Holy Week


Oddly during Holy Week, the week when Jesus symbolically throws his finger up at Roman Imperialism, colonialism, religious hustling, oppression, racial prejudice and exploitation, too, many U.S. Christians are demonstrating that they have no idea what the key figure of their religion was all about. Continue Reading →

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BU (Beautifully United): a step to eliminating colorism


Race has been the forefront of conversations for a long time. However, recently with the efforts of #BlackLivesMatter and several of the racist incidents that have been picked up by mainstream media, it seems like there has been limited to no progress in racial politics. Skin color has been a topic of debate amongst African Americans since slavery. Continue Reading →

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