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Brown baby manikin


I wanted to turn around as I approached the table looking at the singular baby manikin and ask, “Why is it that no one wanted the brown doll?” This visual sparked an emotional charge in me. I had no problem with working with the beautiful baby manikin, as I gently lifted her in my arms I slowly walked her to my seat. Continue Reading →

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In Selma, Obama proved that he is ‘Black Enough’

The Obama family join hands as they begin the march with the foot soldiers across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Throughout his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama was dogged by one question: Is he Black enough? The question was repeated so often that after showing up late for an appearance at the 2008 annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in Las Vegas, Obama said, “I want to apologize for being late, but you guys keep asking whether I am Black enough.” Continue Reading →

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