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Black crime victims’ lives don’t matter

Photo by Tony Webster published under Creative Commons License

I don’t care if you are a member of the any police department, criminal justice system, or the media, you all play a part in Black victims of crime treated with disrespect, being denied rights as crime victims, and treated harsher compared to White victims of crime, especially if the White crime victim suffered at the hands of a Black perpetrator. Continue Reading →

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Just a nobody

Matt Brown/Creative Commons

Regardless of this individual’s circumstance, the human condition within us is alive and wants to know or hear someone say “You matter to me.” My hello was soon followed by his life testimony and it spoke volumes. Continue Reading →

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Cheating on standardized tests: wrong, but not organized crime


A system that never really wanted to educate Black children beginning with the early laws against educating slaves, to so-called separate but equal school houses, to the present-day oxymoronic No Child Left Behind (except colored and poor children) is now hypocritically punishing Atlanta Black educators who were literally set up to cheat. Continue Reading →

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Change gon’ come, oh yes it will

In OurView square

The MSR alerts its readers, and through them the entire community, of an uncommonly important event coming up this weekend — a special election of the Minneapolis NAACP. Spread the word. This is, in our view, one of the most crucial local elections to come before us in years, one with the potential to alter for the better the quality and effectiveness of leadership in the Black community. Here’s why. Continue Reading →

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