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Preparation for a ‘safe’ summer


Black ‘leaders’ work on a plan to reduce crime, but will the community be left out again?

“Leadership’s” annual empty rite for summer begins: “planning” for community summer safety, with the opposite of “community” in play, claiming the solution demands more money for planning and planners, leaving little for community people and streets, betraying Martin Luther King, Jr.’s concept of involved community. Continue Reading →

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Police use of confidential informants creates distrust in the Black community

Photo by Tony Webster published under Creative Commons License

As we are seeing a record number of people engaged in discussions centered on criminal justice reform, it is imperative that the Black community establish guidelines for police cooperation. Police across the world have been able to corrupt poor and vulnerable citizens (i.e., mentally ill) to turn on their fellow brother or sister, causing a lack of trust throughout the community. Continue Reading →

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