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Mpls elected officials, selected Blacks turn on protestors, community


In a strange twist of events, elected officials and some Black folks that the Minneapolis power structure have appointed as the leaders of the Black community, turned their focus away from the effort to get justice for Jamar Clark and called a press conference to beat up on, brow beat and talk down to the community, a community trying to bring attention to their cause the best way they know how, by occupying the Fourth Precinct. Continue Reading →

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Republican presidential candidates cannot admit truth



If you listen to the Republican 2016 presidential debates, including the approaching debates, one would be left with the impression that president Obama is doing zero, or what he is doing is ineffective when it comes to protecting Americans. This line of reasoning intensified after terrorist attacks that left 129 nine people dead in Paris with ISIL claiming responsibility. Unlike Democrats, that will not say anything negative about their party, despite their own policies that degrade and subjugate Black people, this columnist will confront Republicans for untruths and any policy having a negative impact on our people, including President Obama. To believe that Obama is weak, or doing little to protect us from such terrorist attacks, is absurd for conservative talk-show host and Republican candidates. To continue such a message leaves Americans to believe that Obama is weak on such policies. Continue Reading →

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Horse racing is not about the horses

Elizabeth Ellis The Good Wife

Horse racing, according to Kavitha A. Davidson (Bloomberg View) is an “excuse to drink, a vice kept afloat by gambling.”

When we were young our grandmother took us to the Hippodrome at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to watch the horse shows. It was a glamorous, elegant, white-glove affair. It was an honor to be chosen. Continue Reading →

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Emotionally preparing for the holiday season

agnesliinnea via CC0 Public Domain

I recently asked a group of young adults what some of their fondest memories from the holidays are. They shared a lot of similarities: grandma’s peach cobbler, playing card games with cousins, and the special gift that they waited all year to receive. Everyone in the room was in sync with one another about these joyful moments.
Then one person, a young Black female who did not say much during the session, stated, “I hate the holidays.” Continue Reading →

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