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Police use of confidential informants creates distrust in the Black community

Photo by Tony Webster published under Creative Commons License

As we are seeing a record number of people engaged in discussions centered on criminal justice reform, it is imperative that the Black community establish guidelines for police cooperation. Police across the world have been able to corrupt poor and vulnerable citizens (i.e., mentally ill) to turn on their fellow brother or sister, causing a lack of trust throughout the community. Continue Reading →

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A Black perspective on Cuba


Most people in the U.S. have not studied Cuba in any depth and what little information they have received has been been from the White corporate press and the hostile U.S. government, which created and fosters the false image of Cuba as a ruthless dictatorship under the control of communists and and the Castro brothers. It should be noted that when Nelson Mandela was freed, the first head of state he visited to show his gratitude for support for Black liberation was Fidel Castro. This false image serves as the justification for U.S. aggression (military occupation of Cuban territority-Guantanamo Bay) and trade restrictions. When I was a Black student activist in the 1960s, I was inspired by the liberation struggles in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and their socialist goals. I viewed these struggles as congruent with the Black liberation struggle in the U.S. In 1964 I and members of our Black student group UHURU, along with a larger racially diverse student group, had the opportunity to spend over two months in Cuba. Continue Reading →

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State of the Union


Great speech – now what are you going to do? Every year for as long as I can remember, the president of the U.S. gives a speech to us that is designed to make the working person feel as if the government works on their behalf. Of course it kind of does, but not really. Nothing ever really changes. The government churns along for the benefit of the wealthy, the big banks, the captains of industry and corporations. Continue Reading →

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