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Where does redemption come into the picture?


Mass incarceration has imposed such staggering human and economic costs on our communities that conservatives and liberals are finally reaching a consensus on the need to reform the criminal justice system. Momentum is building for a congressional bill that would eliminate or reduce mandatory minimum sentences for some nonviolent drug offenders. Continue Reading →

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How does the new Jim Crow work? Study Minnesota

MSR Editorial

Last month Minnesota again won national recognition for its quality of life, this time for how well we Minnesotans take care of our children. “State No. 1 for kids’ well being,” read the July 21 StarTribune headline. A subhead added, “Decline in substance abuse, child deaths propel Minnesota to the top in a national ranking.” Continue Reading →

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Human trafficking


For those who have faced the difficulties of human trafficking, which takes away ones dignity, self-esteem, and self-worth, we hear you. Her life was snatched of its innocence at a young age and instantly became a roadmap of detours and caution signs. She would eventually encounter men who would cheat on their relationships and leave their vows on someone else’s bedsheets. Continue Reading →

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