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St. Cloud: ignoring racism to preserve “White Cloud”

St. Cloud

As a result of its racism, St. Cloud (“White Cloud”) has been invaded by civil rights groups, federal investigators and unsympathetic outside news reporters. In a community where racism has always been its most abundant natural resource, psychological salvation and sociopathic glue, meaningful changes must be forced from outside? Continue Reading →

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To the Class of 2015


If you are disposed to using the Internet as your guide, a diploma will generally be described as the proof of your successful completion of a course of study, or the bestowal of an academic degree. Continue Reading →

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Without justice, school reform is not enough

Protesters call for justice for Freddie Gray as Baltimore police officers watch.

Freddie Gray did not die because his schools were failing. Likewise, Rekia Boyd didn’t die because her test scores were low. Trayvon Martin didn’t die because he had no access to a charter school. Eric Garner isn’t dead because teachers lack accountability. Eric Harris didn’t pass away from failing to graduate high school. Continue Reading →

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