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BLOG | Obamacare, fair housing and a little jiggery-pokery

(Image from Supreme Court website)

Three cheers for SCOTUS! The marriage equality decision almost overshadowed two other important decisions, as the Supreme Court of the United States again upheld Obamacare, and also issued a tremendously important fair housing decision that could have specific application to Twin Cities housing policies. Continue Reading →

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The transparency of a “Incog-Negro”


In trying to make sense of Rachel Dolezal, the self-identified “Black” woman of two White parents, and the thought-provoking queries now raised about transracialsim and transethnicity, Boston Globe cartoonist Dan Wasserman provided me with an answer:

“How does a confused Caucasian woman come to define the national conversation on race? What lies matter?” Continue Reading →

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For Father’s Day, a true male role model

Ulysses Zachery with his family before the loss of his wife Victoria; son U. Elijah Zachery IV is now 15 and daughter Kiarra Zachery now 23

During the month of June, we celebrate Father’s Day to honor the male heroes in our lives. It is also a time to acknowledge those overlooked men who make the commitment to being role models and are dedicated to bring about positives within our African American communities. This month we turn our attention to an unsung hero amongst us, Ulysses Zackery. Continue Reading →

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Why are Whites fighting terrorism but not racism?


Imagine Blacks using violence to try and stop lynching a 100 years ago, though with justification. Imagine how well that would have went. Yet even with justifications, it is best to not trust the use of violence, because first and foremost, the use of violence comes from being on top of the violence food chain. Continue Reading →

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The U. S. Commission on Civil Rights’ benign neglect of Black communities continues


As a result of the September 15, 2011 meeting in Minneapolis of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, led by Commission Chairman Martin R. Castro, I predicted in my September 21, 2011 column that the Commission and its states’ advisory committees would continue their troubling pattern of benign neglect of the racial disparities across America in general, and in the Twin Cities in particular. Continue Reading →

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