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MOA outwitted after Twitter fiasco

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The Mall of America (MOA) got caught with its underwear around its ankles last week when it tried to launch a #itsmymall Twitter campaign to promote the mall and to try to overcome the black eye it gave itself after its inane, but predictable, response to the peaceful anti-police violence protest last December. Continue Reading →

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Police show some lives matter


This crazy dangerous brother opened fire inside a motel room in one of our most lovely areas to visit: Phoenix. The brother killed a man and wounded two women before shooting three more innocent people. The brother tried to show his tracking skills to elude police in an exhaustive chase (the police were the ones tired) that ended up with the brother being taken in alive. Continue Reading →

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Childhood poverty and the ‘word gap’


Soon after President Lyndon Johnson declared America’s unconditional “War on Poverty” in January 1964, a new wave of poverty-related literature emerged. Scholars, policymakers, journalists and activists offered competing ideas about the root causes of poverty and appropriate strategies to eliminate it from both urban and rural America. Continue Reading →

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It’s Tubby Smith’s fault, or is it?

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This came as no surprise to readers of our columns that exposed the destructive race card played by the UM. March 27, 2014: “Was it Tubby Smith’s fault? Gophers miss NCAA Basketball Tournament.” April 3, 2013: “Thank you Tubby for an excellent run! Tubby Smith: a man of principle and integrity.” April 10, 2013: “Congratulations, Tubby! Texas Tech hires Tubby Smith while U of M keeps looking.” Continue Reading →

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U.S. press: Negroes not credible

Photo by Tony Webster published under Creative Commons License

They lied about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

Somebody help me understand this paradox all over the country: The mainstream big business press has run headlines saying in effect, “Blacks lied; Mike Brown didn’t have his hands up and didn’t say don’t shoot.” But then they spend time in their articles admitting that racism does exist. Continue Reading →

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