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Sister Spokesman: “Networking with Purpose” — meet the panelists

LaJuana Whitmore

Sister Spokesman plans to bring three fantastic panelists to the “Networking with Purpose” event held at Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis, March 7. Each panelist will offer her own perspective about the power of networking. This month we have LaJuana Whitmore, Bianca “Cali” Lewis and Angela Harmon. Continue Reading →

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‘Beyond the Lights’ DVD review: Love in the time of hip hopera!


Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) has it all, or so it seems. After years of trying to make it, the emerging pop singer is finally on the brink of super-stardom, thanks to several hit singles she recently released, duets with her famous rapper boyfriend, Kid Culprit (Machine Gun Kelly). Continue Reading →

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Popularity grows for hometown singer PaviElle


As PaviElle French’s voice lifted the audience’s spirits at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2014 show, it was easy to see why the audience danced along with her. French’s music embodies her life experiences. She creates something timeless, something everybody can relate to she said recently at the Acadia Café in Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

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Samantha throws Keith a curve


Luis had got lucky. Keith and Sam sat back, looked at each other and took another break. Passing the tequila back and forth. Keith got up off the sofa and went to go see what was in Luis’ fridge.

Sam turned the television on. Got The Beverly Hillbillies and sat there, idiotically mesmerized. “Hey,” Keith called, “got some roast beef in here, swiss cheese, tomatoes and, let’s see, what else…” Continue Reading →

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Keith, Luis and Sam get up on the get down


Keith shook himself out recollections of Lesli and the beauty shop and gave up trying to sleep. Had nothing better to do than ring Luis’ room. His buddy answered, “Yeah?”

“What y’ doin’? Bored to my bones. Let’s play.”

“Cool. Come on down. I’m in—”

“I know what room you in. Be there in a minute.” Continue Reading →

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