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‘Stand Your Ground,’ dissects perpetual war on Black males

Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas

“Why is it becoming increasingly acceptable to kill unarmed black children? Why are they so easily perceived as a threat? How are we to keep our black children safe? 

As the mother of a black male child, I find these to be urgent questions. The slaying of Trayvon [Martin] struck a nerve deep within me. After Jordan [Davis], then Jonathan [Ferrell], then Renisha [McBride], I was practically unnerved. Continue Reading →

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Time to discuss things with Dan


When he got home, the kittens had left little presents, letting him know exactly how they felt about being left alone so long. Butch, who slept with Keith, had peed on Keith’s side of the bed and was now blissfully asleep on his own side. Sundance had taken a dump on his desk. “You little—” He changed the bed sheet, scooped up the turd, turned on the television and sacked out on the sofa. When he woke, or rather came too, a movie was on. Continue Reading →

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Fun over, time to go home



Helen hollered out, “Hey!” Keith came out of his thoughts. “Hey, Jackson! Mr. Music Man!”

He called back, “At your service.” She came into the kitchenette. Hips waving all over the place, Keith smiling in unabashed admiration.  

“Know what I notice our repertoire could use?”

“Nope, not ‘til you tell me.”

“Some good old soul music.”

“Okay, fine. Continue Reading →

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‘Jurassic World’: Dinosaurs, Ahoy!

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios

Twenty-two years ago, Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg, filled our theaters across the country. There we met the ferocious Tyrannosaur Rex, who was larger than life and always hungry. Two spin-offs: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) (Spielberg) and Jurassic Park III (2001) (Joe Johnston) kept the carnivores and hervores in living color on big screens. Continue Reading →

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‘America: The Black Point of View,’ a poignant memoir that doesn’t pull punches

Courtesy of Amber Books

Following that damning digression, Tony proceeds to relate his own heartbreaking life story, warts and all, in a vivid fashion that just jumps off the page. The jaw-dropping opus covers only his formative through teen years, a period he spent doing everything from killing roaches to subsisting on celery soup to standing up to neighborhood bullies. Continue Reading →

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2015 Twin Cities Jazz Festival — maximum star wattage for free


Most loyal music lovers would pay good money to enjoy high-quality music made by top-flight artists from the jazz world.
Now, for a limited time, they can have that experience for free. All that’s required is spending a little time in the Twin Cities area for the next three days as it evolves into the center of the jazz universe. Sound like a win-win?
The 2015 17th Annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival (free and open to the public) — one of the Midwest’s largest gatherings of jazz artists and jazz supporters in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area — takes place Thursday-Saturday, June 25-27 in and around Mears Park in Saint Paul’s historic Lowertown neighborhood.

Continue Reading →

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