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Keith, Luis and Sam get up on the get down


Keith shook himself out recollections of Lesli and the beauty shop and gave up trying to sleep. Had nothing better to do than ring Luis’ room. His buddy answered, “Yeah?”

“What y’ doin’? Bored to my bones. Let’s play.”

“Cool. Come on down. I’m in—”

“I know what room you in. Be there in a minute.” Continue Reading →

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AfroPoP, a showcase for filmmakers of color


Two DuVernay films – Middle of Nowhere and I Will Follow both were shown at the Twin Cities Black Film Festival, notes Founder-Director Natalie Morrow. The acclaimed director is just one of many Black female filmmakers who successfully produced small and big-screen cinematic pieces, which typically get exposure at annual film festivals such as Morrow’s. Continue Reading →

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Thoughts on great love songs for Valentine’s Day, love’s holiday

Billie Holiday, 1949

I do know that the treatment, Minneapolis-born vocalist José James gave the song, “Tenderly” when he performed on this birthday, January 20, at the Dakota was stellar. It was perfect for his vocal range and revealed a level of maturity beyond his 37 years. That song, among others by the great Billie Holiday, or made popular by her, appear on his new Blue Note Records album, Yesterday I Had the Blues: The Music of Billie Holiday, which drops in March. On Valentine’s Day, James will be in Japan, where the album has already been released and is making waves.

Holiday, also known as “Lady Day,” would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. Her music has made a great impact on a wide spectrum of artists, and continues to resonate with people from all walks of life. Vocalist Cassandra Wilson is celebrating the music made by Holiday by releasing, Coming Forth by Day: A Tribute to Billie Holiday from Legacy Records in April. Look out for her upcoming performances in support of the album, at the Dakota, too. Holiday’s artistry speaks volumes about love, loss, and overall human condition. Thank you, Lady Day. Continue Reading →

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SteppingStone’s 4 Little Girls gives voice, dreams to young lives lost

4 Little Girls

It’s sad how much of Black History is marked by tragedy, perhaps none so heartrending as the 1963 murders of Denise McNair, 11, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Cynthia Wesley, all age 14, by Ku Klux Klan terrorist bombers while attending The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Continue Reading →

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