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Local conservationist gets young people outdoors

Thurman Tucker

Hunting is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a positive outlook for inner-city kids, but, upon reflecting, it does make a world of sense. After all, it’s a cultural component that, at one time was an everyday part of Black life in the country, yet one more tradition that eventually went by the wayside with migrating north to urban America.

“It’s still done in parts of the south. I did it, my father did it, my grandfather did it,” says Minnesota Quail Forever (www.mnquailforever.org) state coordinator Thurman Tucker, “But, not nearly as much as in the past.”

The sport, as Tucker sees it, is a constructive pastime that’s about, among other things, character building and positive socializing. You can, for one, certainly see it in the light that coaching youth how to handle firearms in nature is a great deal better than letting them wind up learning to shoot at each other in the street.

“I am from [Mississippi],” Tucker notes, “and got my interest in wildlife and quail at a young age on my grandfather’s farm. I believe more young people need to be exposed to the outdoors, and I believe this experience will add more balance to their lives.” He has worked with students at North High for The Metro Quail Forever Chapter and with the Southeast chapter “to help these young people get outdoors.” Continue Reading →

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Recycle in every room in your home


Recycling in every room of your home can be challenging. Disrupt your recycling routine and change the way you recycle with Hennepin County’s Recycle Everywhere campa Continue Reading →

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First-of-its-kind public pool comes to North Minneapolis

First-of-its-kind pools come toNorth Minneapolis.

A new “cutting edge” pool is expected to open in North Minneapolis later this month. The Webber Park Natural Swimming Pool (NSP), pending inspection approval, will open July 24, said Minneapolis Park Board officials.

According to a park board fact sheet, there are approximately 20,000 NSPs, mostly located in Europe. They are “living systems… They function more like a stream, lake or wetland.” Most NSPs in North America however are private. Continue Reading →

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Is your tuna sandwich bad for the environment?

More canned tuna is consumed in the United States than in any other country in the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tuna sold in the American market fails to meet fundamental sustainability standards, according to Greenpeace’s 2015 Canned Tuna shopping guide, their first-ever U.S. canned tuna ranking. Continue Reading →

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Hennepin County battery recycling locations

Batteries should be recycled. Some batteries contain toxic metals, such as cadmium, lead or mercury, which pose a threat to human health and the environment when batteries are improperly disposed. Recycling batteries protects the environment by ensuring that heavy metals don’t pollute our air, land and water. Recycling also conserves resources because the metals recovered from batteries are used to make new products. CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) are not accepted in battery drop-off containers. Continue Reading →

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