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All of society benefits from thriving communities


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had the uncommon ability to articulate a vision, and then follow his words with action. Have you ever stopped to think about the community where you live and how that in itself impacts your life? What is your vision to improve your community, and are there actions you can take to make a difference? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in the power of community so strongly that he referenced it as a concept that exists at the “heart of all that civilization has meant and developed.” This is the place where people take responsibility and care for each other in a way that their actions provide a mutual benefit. And they do so voluntarily and with action so natural it is seen as an impulse. Continue Reading →

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Staying true to our ideals means a brighter future for Minnesotans


“Either we go up together, or we go down together,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told civil rights activists during his 1968 “Mountaintop” speech. Leading the charge for fair treatment of Memphis’ garbage collectors, Dr. King’s final remarks on the night before he was assassinated were rooted in his fervent belief in the power of community. He told us that we are called to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. He said their lives, the dreams they hold, and the challenges they face, must be our concern. I couldn’t agree more. Continue Reading →

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