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PHOTOS | Sister Spokesman “Loving Your Hair” Show

Models displayed the creativity and flair of local hair stylists at the Sister Spokesman: “Loving Your Hair” at the Minnesota History Center, July 11.

On July 11, over 200 Sister Spokesman attendees gathered for Sister Spokesman: “Loving Your Hair” at The Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. The event showcased the diverse styling and care expertise from local hair stylists with a hair show, a Q&A, games and prizes, and a special performance by local singing sensation Ashley DuBose. See colorful photo highlights by photographer Steve Floyd. Continue Reading →

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From the MSR Legacy Archives


As part of our celebration over the next several months of 80 years of continuous publication, the MSR will be republishing notable stories from our extensive archives of more than 4,000 weekly issues of African American news in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Ancestry Books: a convergence of literary cultures

Photo courtesy of Ancestry Books

Ancestry Books unequivocally is a boon to writers, readers, and the Twin Cities at large, not in the least because it is located in North Minneapolis (intersection of Penn and Lowry). It is an invaluable enterprise in a day and age of corporate juggernauts overwhelming and banishing small and alternative bookstores to oblivion, running them out of business by a principle of greed trumping need.
It is an important social statement in giving people one more thing to point to in this part of the Twin Cities and cite something besides criminal and otherwise unsavory activity, focusing on the fact that there is much more good than bad going on in that part of town.
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Activism comes naturally to new NAACP officer

Wintana Melekin

Wintana Melekin moved with her family from Eritrea to America in 1989 when she was three years old. Eritrea, which is located in the Horn of Africa, is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Her family left their homeland in the midst of a 30-years-plus war with neighboring Yemen and Ethiopia, a few years before Eritrea’s independence in 1993 from Ethiopia.
After working for a local health company, Melekin got involved in community action by participating in a local protest march against the Trayvon Martin killing a couple of years ago. Soon thereafter, she joined Neighborhood Organizing for Change (NOC) after a local protest march against the state Voter ID proposal.
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