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Achievement gap already present at kindergarten

Doing the Math

As early as when children enter kindergarten, there are already significant achievement gaps as a result of socioeconomic status. In fact, socioeconomic status is the single largest factor influencing children’s school readiness, according to Inequalities at the Starting Gate: Cognitive and Noncognitive Gaps among the 2010–2011 Kindergarten Classmates. Continue Reading →

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New Mpls housing program targets race gap in home ownership

The City of Minneapolis launched Homeownership Opportunity Minneapolis (HOM) on May 26, a new housing program aimed at increasing the number of home owners in Minneapolis and reducing the racial disparity gap in home ownership. In the City’s 2015 adopted budget, the Minneapolis City Council approved Mayor Betsy Hodges’ recommendation of $940K ($840K for affordability assistance and $100K for outreach efforts) for HOM. It is anticipated that about 125 families will be served by the program this year. The racial disparity gap in home ownership is defined as the difference between the percentage of White households that own their homes and the percentage of non-White households that own their homes. Minnesota has one of the worst racial disparity gaps in home ownership in the country at approximately 38 percent. Continue Reading →

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Blacks must be invisible to the Minneapolis ‘miracle’


In February of this year The Atlantic magazine published what soon became a widely scrutinized article titled “The Miracle of Minneapolis.” In this essay, author Derek Thompson championed the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area for its high percentage of college educated residents, median household income, affordable housing, low poverty, and high employment, particularly among what is defined today as the millennial generation. Continue Reading →

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Scholarships groom young Black men for leadership

Abdul Omari

In late April, three African American male college students received the Eddie Phillips Scholarship Award. The scholarship is currently a two-year pilot program awarded to young men who give back to their community through volunteer and community service projects. The scholarship is a partnership of the Minnesota Private College Fund and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Fund.
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Jobs Expo could turn your life around


Got work?

Despite rhetoric on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. that change we can believe in is here, and contrary to claims that unemployment is on the run, the answer to that question is, for far too many Americans, especially African Americans, a flat “No.”

For that matter, having a job doesn’t necessarily mean earning enough money to make ends meet. If you work part-time, odds are it’s not only on one job. You probably have, at a bare minimum, two of them. Like Jason Borths, who’s employed at Hennepin Theater Trust, L.L. Bean, Target Center and the Minnesota Twins. Continue Reading →

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