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Scholarships groom young Black men for leadership

Abdul Omari

In late April, three African American male college students received the Eddie Phillips Scholarship Award. The scholarship is currently a two-year pilot program awarded to young men who give back to their community through volunteer and community service projects. The scholarship is a partnership of the Minnesota Private College Fund and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Fund.
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Jobs Expo could turn your life around


Got work?

Despite rhetoric on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. that change we can believe in is here, and contrary to claims that unemployment is on the run, the answer to that question is, for far too many Americans, especially African Americans, a flat “No.”

For that matter, having a job doesn’t necessarily mean earning enough money to make ends meet. If you work part-time, odds are it’s not only on one job. You probably have, at a bare minimum, two of them. Like Jason Borths, who’s employed at Hennepin Theater Trust, L.L. Bean, Target Center and the Minnesota Twins. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Northside schools create partnership for student success


A new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus will be fully introduced this fall at both North Community High School and, a few blocks away, at the “new” Franklin Middle School. North Principal Shawn Harris-Berry and Franklin Principal Karon Cunningham are working collaboratively across the schools.
There was a strong relationship back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s” between the two schools, recalls Harris-Berry, a 27-year Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) veteran. Since then, however, both schools have undergone major changes. North now is a “small college-preparatory” high school with nearly 300 students. Continue Reading →

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May’s Sister Spokesman panelists will help you spring into a renewed you

Alice Flowers

The month of May is a time for renewal and regrowth and to spring into the brand new of it all. Sister Spokesman is presenting the community with a panel of women who will help you do just that.
May’s Sister Spokesman is all about reinventing yourself. The panelist will include a holistic life coach, an image consultant and a licensed cosmetologist. Continue Reading →

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Sister Spokesman discusses the importance of planning ahead


Have you ever counted the cost of all the little guilty pleasure items you buy throughout the week and found yourself surprised at how much these seemingly small purchases add up? Using a $5 cup of coffee as one example, the expert panelists at the “Sister Spokesman Life Planning from 18 – 62” event April 2, broke down ways in which spending carelessly can prove costly in the long run. Continue Reading →

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Meet the Sister Spokesman panelists to help you plan for life

Natasha Phillips

Sister Spokesman’s “Life Planning from 18-62,” Saturday April 4, is sure to be a money-making event for many. No, you will not win any money or get a check, but if you come with the intent to listen and learn, you may gain a personal strategy for saving and managing money, thus making more money for you and your family in the long run.

Select panelists include: Natasha Phillips, Joseph Dillard, and Vicki Casey-Steward, who will share their expertise on life planning. Tamiko Morgan, medical director at Metropolitan Health Care, is co-organizer of the Sister Spokesman event. She is also a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Inc., and serves on the programming and planning committee for the sorority. One of the sorority’s goals is financial literacy.

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Minnesota college students face loan crisis


Minnesota is fifth among U.S. “high-debt states” where college student debt upon graduation on average has surpassed $30,000, says The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS). The 2014 project student debt report that TICAS released last November points out that in 2013 seven in 10 college graduates from public and private nonprofit colleges owe an average of $28,400 in student loans, up two percent from 2012.
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