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Emotionally preparing for the holiday season

agnesliinnea via CC0 Public Domain

I recently asked a group of young adults what some of their fondest memories from the holidays are. They shared a lot of similarities: grandma’s peach cobbler, playing card games with cousins, and the special gift that they waited all year to receive. Everyone in the room was in sync with one another about these joyful moments.
Then one person, a young Black female who did not say much during the session, stated, “I hate the holidays.” Continue Reading →

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Keep sleeping babies safe

111125080826-african-american-baby-infant-sleeping-back-story-top (1)

Minnesota’s departments of health and human services are calling for no co-sleeping with infants and for infants to sleep without blankets and pillows as data mounts that unsafe sleep environments account for nearly all unexpected infant deaths in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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