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Nearly five million Black households hit by food stamp cuts

By Frederick H. Lowe

Contributing Writer


Approximately 4.7 million African American households will see their monthly food stamp allotment dramatically reduced beginning this month. Bread for the World, a non-partisan, Christian citizens’ movement in the United States to end hunger, determined the number of Black households that would  be affected by cuts in food stamps with United States Department of Agriculture data. In 2010, Congress voted to cut $11 billion from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs or SNAP, and the first of three fiscal years of cuts begin this week. During the first fiscal year of the cut, which ends Sept. 30, 2014, $5 billion will be sliced from the program. Continue Reading →

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Spoken Heroes


Often times people in our community and their giving spirit to others goes unnoticed. This is our opportunity to recognize these heroes and their accomplishments. Simply download the form provided here and nominate your hero. Once the nomination form is completed, mail it to P.O. Box 8558 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408. Nominations will be accepted continually and selected winners will be highlighted in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder and featured on KMOJ radio. Continue Reading →

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Media justice activists develop racial equity pledge


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Nearly 50 persons attended “A Gathering for Media Justice” held last weekend at Hamline University for community members and local non-mainstream media representatives. Sponsored by Community Action Against Racism (CAAR), Main Street Project and KFAI-FM, the December 8 half-day “conversation-based” event discussed media justice issues with an emphasis on local mainstream media coverage of communities of color. “People came [to the Saturday event] because they have a real hunger to see things different,” said Main Street Project Community Organizer Danielle Mikali. “I think oftentimes we feel frustrated and we don’t know where to turn. “As a media justice organizer, but also as an African American woman and mother, too often I don’t necessary know where to look in terms of the really great independent media outlets that are sharing stories,” Mikali said of the various local media that were represented at last Saturday’s event: the Cities’ two Black newspapers, the Twin Cities Daily Planet “and even cable — there were some cable access show hosts that were here,” noted Mikali. Continue Reading →

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When good people essentially do nothing

Power, politics, and policy and the influence they have over African American people

According to Pastor Terrance Jacobs, former director with the Gamaliel Organization who was appointed to Africa, power is the concentration of “organized people and organized money” (taken from the Alinsky model). Pastor Jacobs went on to explain, at the Minneapolis Neighborhood Hub’s Health Disparities training that was held in late October, that a state of powerlessness is a sin! My interpretation of his remark is that there is a whole lot of sin going around in Minnesota! In that one instance he essentially declared that seeking power is not a bad thing. Yet many of us have formed opinions about power to the effect that it is bad, that we don’t need too much of it,  and that anyone seeking too much power should be watched closely. Continue Reading →

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Enjoy your holidays in moderation, and stay motivated


The holidays are in full swing! Christmas parties at work, family gatherings, and a host of other events are filled with sweet treats — I love the holidays and the spirit that they bring, but my waistline doesn’t love the sweet treats (or maybe it loves them too much). Every year, the holidays present us with the challenge of maintaining a healthy weight or maintaining a weight-loss program. I’m going to share with you how to make workouts a priority with a busier schedule, when and when not to indulge, and staying motivated throughout the holidays. This time of year is my favorite by far. Continue Reading →

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Mpls psychologist receives award for professional excellence


The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Minnesota presented Minneapolis psychologist Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya, executive director of the African


American Child Wellness Institute and president of the Brakins Consulting and Psychological Services, with a Professional of the Year award at its Annual Conference, held Nov. 3 in St. Paul. The award recognizes a professional who provides high-quality services, exemplifies best practices, and demonstrates commitment to and leadership in the field. “NAMI recognizes Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya for her work to provide mental health services to children, to address mental health disparities and to help more providers become certified to provide children’s therapeutic services and supports in schools,” said NAMI’s executive director, Sue Abderholden. Continue Reading →

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Enjoy a healthy holiday season


Often, when we hear the term “healthy relationship” we think of intimate or romantic relations. However, healthy relationships expand past your partner and you. We need healthy relationships amongst members in our families and communities to be healthy individuals ourselves. The holiday season is a period of time when families come together, share stories, catch up, exchange pictures, and give gifts to one another. The holiday season is a time of joy. Continue Reading →

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