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Help find the next MPS Superintendent


Apply to be on the Minneapolis Superintendent Selection Committee
At a special business meeting on March 15, the Minneapolis Board of Education finalized an updated search process for hiring the next Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). As part of that process, qualified candidates will be screened by a Superintendent Selection Committee. The selection committee will be comprised of 11 individuals: six community members — including one student community member — three Board members, the Board’s student representative, and community engagement facilitator Radious Y. Guess. Board Director Nelson Inz will chair the committee. Anyone may apply for one of the six community member positions, and all applications must be received by 4 pm on Friday, April 1. Continue Reading →

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Appreciate your kidneys in the month of March



March is National Kidney Awareness Month. Protection of your kidneys is important for many reasons. Proper kidney function can literally be a matter of life or death.  

The kidneys are a pair of organs four or five inches long located in the back of the abdomen.  Miki Soudaly-Riley, a registered nurse, told MSR, “The kidneys are basically a filter in your body. They filter out the bad toxins from what we eat and drink, then make urine for you to excrete it out of your body. Continue Reading →

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