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    1. Hello Lori, Sister Spokesman will come back just as soon as I feel we will all be safe being around each other where I can give my sisters a hug. Miss you all stay safe

  1. Regarding the article about civilian oversight of complaints against MPD
    1. It would be very helpful to have some statistics about this civilian oversight process. What percent of complaints investigated does the civilian board forward to the police chief for discipline action? Of the complacent forwarded to the police chief what percentage of the time is discipline administered? Has the percentage of discipline administered by the chief changed as the police chief has changed?

    2. When the police chief dismisses an officer that dismissal is overturn 50% of the time period. What can be done to reduce the percentage of time the police chief is overruled?

    1. 1978-the year The United States of America ended it’s active policy of genocide of ‘Indians’. Unfortunately, they did a poor job of telling it’s citizens. 2021-America has NOT ended it’s active policy of genocide of Black People.
      MN is the ONLY State in which people are submitting bills to legislation to protect Black Families from America’s active policy of genocide of Black People. Please contact your elected representatives to demand MN HF 1151 is enacted as law.
      I am asking for people to call their elected representatives to demand the criminalization of violating 25 U.S.C. Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 be punishable, as an act of genocide, carrying a sentence of 5 years and minimum fine of $150,000 with NO Cap, as Corporations are included.
      If an employee of the child welfare system violate ANY part of it, this includes Judges, Attorneys and police officers, face life in Federal prison.

  2. Just saw you on Small Business Revolution. God bless you and the work you all do. Having success in any business shows character, strength, and a love for what you do. So delighted that you were chosen to be blessed by SBR and that you will be growing in every way possible for years to come. May you inspire and encourage your town’s youth to be the best self they can be and see they have choices and options. May your light shine and may your ink floweth over for many generations ahead. Bless you!

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