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Being a ‘team player’ −but whose team


Over the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to review portions of my “employment” history. I have been under the impression that I understood completely the negative experiences I went through in Corporate America. Hindsight is 20-20, so upon reflection I find I missed many key phrases that were used to void my individualism, civil rights, sense of self, and all-out attempts to “just be me.” Continue Reading →

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A call to action: Help your neighbor

The winter season 2013 through 2014 returned Minneapolis to the reality of Minnesota winters. We had been spoiled by the relatively mild winter seasons of the past few years

I own and operate a snow-removal company. This is the first season where I can say, “I got tired of snow.” I don’t mind snow, but for a while the snow was falling every three or four days. This put a strain on bodies, equipment and clients. We serve over 50 seniors and persons with disabilities. Continue Reading →

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Sensitivity to persons with disabilities

I am a volunteer member of the speakers’ bureau for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance. I and one other speaker were asked to present our stories at the University of Minnesota—Mankato campus to a classroom of students taking a class titled as above. On one aspect of this class, I asked them: “Why does a college need to teach a class on sensitivity to persons with disabilities? On the other aspect, I applaud the instructor for recognizing the need to have such a class, and I applaud the students who selected the class for an education experience. The students were absolutely wonderful. Continue Reading →

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