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Ruby Dee passes

October 27, 1922 — June 11, 2014

Cultural icon and beloved actor Ruby Dee is no longer among us. She was best known for her film portrayal in 1961 of the achingly vulnerable, nonetheless strong-willed Ruth of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic A Raisin in the Sun, sharing the screen with Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil and Dianna Sands, a role she’d originated on Broadway two year earlier. From 1946 to 2013, she appeared in upwards of 150 screen and television roles, including star turns in American Gangster with Denzel Washington, Stephen King’s The Stand, Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever with Wesley Snipes, her husband Ossie Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, along with then up-and-coming Halle Berry, Cat People with Nastassja Kinski, The Jackie Robinson Story and The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson. A devoted activist, she combined with her acting career a passion for progress in the fight for civil rights, also appearing on the 1960s drama Police Woman (NBC) as a character clearly based on Angela Davis. During the ‘60s she helped African American actors and directors break into the business by lending her profile to such politically charged projects as Gone Are the Days and The Incident. Continue Reading →

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A conversation with veteran actress Yolanda Ross


By Charles Hallman
Staff writer


Third in a multi-part series


Yolanda Ross made her lead screen debut in Stranger Inside, a 2001 HBO feature film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She made her stage debut seven years later as a member of New York’s Labyrinth Theater Company. Since then, the actress have appeared in a dozen films, and her television roles that has reached double figures as well, including five episodes of HBO’s Treme. She also had a couple of roles specifically written for her, such as a part in David Mamet’s The Unit. “I was shocked, thrilled, and thankful — I was really amazed,” said Ross in a recent MSR phone interview. Continue Reading →

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