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The real immigration story

For nearly 400 years, since 1620, the dark secret of American immigration has been its policies detrimental to Blacks (Black Africans, Black Cubans, Black Caribbeans). Most slaves to North America arrived through the Caribbean. We see this dark secret replayed given the contrasting treatment of Black children to that of the thousands of Latin children coming from Central American and Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande into America, with help from their countries and ours, leaving most things unchanged for immigrants from Black Africa, Black Cuba, and Black Caribbean. Thus, America has been confronted with the problem of immigration and race since its inception. Today’s reactions to the voluntary child immigrants ranges from embarrassed and angry, to happy celebration, from seal the border, to take down the walls and fences and let in any who wants to come (Jimmy Carter urged the latter when he was president). Continue Reading →

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Reverend Al Sharpton: The Rejected Stone

Activist reveals how he became ‘a force of consequence in America’
A Book Review

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


One does well to take the endorsements on the dust jacket of Reverend Al Sharpton: The Rejected Stone with a grain of salt. Most glaringly, a tribute from no less suspect a source than former President George W. Bush proclaims, “Al cares just as much as I care about making sure every child learns to read, write, add and subtract.” Bush demonstrated beyond a doubt that he never wasted a moment’s thought on the wellbeing of children of color. President Barack Obama states, “Reverend Sharpton is the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden.” Yet President Obama has proven himself deaf to the dire needs of the voiceless, if not with the fiasco of his Obamacare debacle, inarguably by his steadfast refusal to take any sort of impassioned stand on issues impacting the powerless, most conspicuously the Stand Your Ground Law, which has given gun-happy racists license to open fire on Black Americans. Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes extols, “Sharpton is the go-to Black leader today.” Why is this White woman dictating who qualifies as the number-one guiding African American light — of either gender? It’s best to simply set those comments aside and see for yourself, deciding on your own whether the book is worthwhile reading. (Odds are you’ve already made up your mind by now as to how great an individual Sharpton is or isn’t.) The fact, of course, that it’s about one of America’s most prominent figures alone is enough to warrant a look-see if out of nothing more than curiosity. Continue Reading →

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Snowden, Hastings and surveillance? Were they right?

The ‘here we go again’  relevance for Black America

Young journalists stepped forward to warn again how we continue to lose our government to growing “Big Brother.” Thirty-year-old document leaker Edward J. Snowden has fled to a secret place. And 33-year-old journalist Michael Hastings was killed in a fiery auto crash in Los Angeles June 18, 2013. They have shocked the nation by exposing the extent of the secret crypt of America’s intelligence network’s surveillance abuse of American citizens. Black America is not shocked. It’s been part and parcel of our lives ever since the first Black foot stepped off the boat in Virginia, on through failed Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the 1920’s, on through to today, blocking our access and freedoms.

We especially remember the surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders. Continue Reading →

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Critics of Rosenbloom column skirt around statements by Sanger



Columnist Lucky Rosenbloom’s commentary [column of April 11] on abortion and its devastating effects on Black America is the dirty little secret Black activists, most Black clergy, Black scholars and, of course, the liberal White left are silent about. There’s no virtue in supporting abortions, just what is vile to the human race, regardless of its legal status in America and numerous other progressive nations. Furthermore, the vast majority of abortions in the U.S. are for “convenience” or a way of contraception. Abortions on Black women per year (about 40 percent of the total abortions) exceed all other Black deaths (murders, AIDS, heart attacks, cancers, strokes and accidents) combined. I’m amused, if not unimpressed, at Susan A. Cohen’s and Oliver Steinberg’s statements [letters to the editor, MSR, April 25] defending Planned Parenthood and the anti-Black Margaret Sanger of yesteryear. Continue Reading →

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