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APRC statement on Russia’s adoption ban


Russia’s recent law that prohibits the adoption of Russian children by United States’ citizens illustrates the enormous complexities of international adoption and exposes the multiple parties and interest groups that have a stake in the process. Thus far, a single interest group that has a particular interest and agenda has dominated the discourse surrounding Russia’s adoption ban. Namely, adoption agencies and organizations that represent adoption agencies are powerful; their money, media connections and access to lawmakers have fueled the construction of a legal system that legitimizes and promotes an agency-centric agenda. Their massive media blitz condemning Russia’s adoption ban has silenced other stakeholders, legitimate voices seeking strategies that genuinely benefit abused, destitute and abandoned children. As adoptees, we are especially sensitive to the plight of children adopted from Russia who suffer the loss of being separated from not only their natural parents, but also from their ancestral homeland and culture. Continue Reading →

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