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Are all males destined to become grumpy old men?








By Alyse M. Hamilton, MD 

The short answer to the question, “Are all men destined to become grumpy as they age?” is no — no man has to become a “grumpy old man.”

Growing up, do you remember that old man at the end of the block just waiting for some unsuspecting kid to step on his lawn? “Get off my lawn!” he’d bellow. Just put one toe on that man’s grass and you’d hear it for blocks: “Get off my lawn!”

You’d think that kid was walking across a white carpet with muddy feet. “Why was this old man so darned ornery?” I often wondered.  

I now understand where grumpy men come from

As an anti-aging and regenerative medical doctor, I now understand what happens to far too many men that makes them “grumpy” as they age. Continue Reading →

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It’s not your grandmother’s menopause anymore

By Dr. Alyse M. Hamilton, MD

Menopause often means different things to different women, and even to the men who live with menopausal women. It is such a significant time in life that now it has its own musical, Menopause The Musical. Known for its most common symptoms — hot flashes, moodiness and weight gain — just what is menopause?  

What is menopause? Medically, menopause is a life-changing time when a woman has not had her menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months. Continue Reading →

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