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Angela Henry’s The Paris Secret



Angela Henry’s The Paris Secret (Carina Press) is engaging entertainment, fluidly written, bright, airtight, and moves at a brisk pace. Henry (www.angelahenry.com), ace author of the hit series of Kendra Clayton mysteries, has shown with her novels The Company You Keep, Tangled Roots, Diva’s Last Curtain Call, Schooled In Lies and Sly, Slick & Wicked, a handful of deftly crafted whodunits, that she’s brilliant at breathing fresh life in the old art form.  


Her recipe for real good reading: start with a clearly drawn main character, toss her in a pot of deadly circumstance, then stir in twists and turns of completely unexpected events, each more interesting than the one before. In fact, Maya Sinclair, the daring, if not quite dauntless protagonist of The Paris Secret could be Kendra’s cousin. She’s a bit more on the ball, but they’re both mule-headed, neither has much luck with boyfriends, and each attract trouble like a magnet, haplessly stumbling through pitfalls landing on her feet with more lives than a cat. Continue Reading →

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