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Greater diversity unlikely in post-Borton Gopher women’s basketball



Thus far, Gopher AD Norwood Teague is two-for-two in firing coaches in consecutive years. He fired Pam Borton as the school’s women’s basketball coach, seemingly less than 24 hours after her last game last week. She got the ziggy in less time than Tubby Smith got axed around this same time nearly a year ago. Borton was my fifth coach I covered as the longest tenured Gopher women hoops beat writer, She had her faults — no coach is perfect, and for whatever reason, she couldn’t convince too many local Black females to play for her.  

Former Gopher Leah Cotton, who played for Borton (2010-13), recently spoke to the MSR while in town for the team’s Senior Night March 2. Continue Reading →

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Patrick Henry valedictorian sets her own course rather than follow the crowd

Her example refutes stereotype of young Black women

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


One has to wonder whence the next Michelle Obama will come. After all, it’s apt to be quite a while until we see another Black president — of either gender. In the First Lady’s wake, though, the national climate is set for someone to ascend — along with fields that are such glamour magnets as sports, music and the movies — in areas like business, law, politics and more. While she enjoys her next few years of prominence before moving on to a career as considerably more than decoration on her famous husband’s arm (she did, remember, graduate Princeton University and Harvard Law School) today’s generation of young women are poised to prevail, enhancing the image of Black women. Enter one such face of tomorrow, Maria Maddox, this year’s valedictorian at Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis, bound in the fall for the rarefied, Ivy League clime of Brown University. Continue Reading →

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A healthy me for a healthy you

When we speak about health, oftentimes physical health comes to mind first. Physical health is important for everyone to be attentive to. Just as equally, we need to be attentive to our mental and spiritual health as well. As Black folks, we have been mentally, psychically and spiritually abused on multiple levels. However, we have found ways to keep pushing. Continue Reading →

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