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Ten steps to setting an example for 2013: Modeling is the key!


Welcome to 2013 — the holidays have come to a close. Congratulations for making it to another new year. Many of you have set New Year’s resolutions. Some of you want to lose weight.  Some of you want to drink less alcohol. Some of you want to stop smoking. Continue Reading →

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More than ever, we need to resurrect the spiritual teachings of our Ancestors



“We are in trouble as a People” is a statement that I hear many times over the course of a week from people in the community, both younger and older. I hear stories from children who tell of the painful experience of being isolated from their biological parents, children who have been abandoned by their families and their community.  When I hear mothers and fathers say that they “hate” each other, and that the only reason they interact is to parent the child they have in common, I find myself moaning and groaning just to cope with the heaviness that sits in their words and their stories. I find myself moaning and groaning to release the heaviness which has penetrated my heart, a heaviness that has been transmitted from generation to generation as a result of the experience of living under conditions of restriction, constraint and brutality — conditions uglier than any other to take place in human history. Just as our people created the art of humming or praising in song, I find myself turning to the moaning and groaning as a form of relief, because I know that if our Ancestors were able to survive what the enslavers brought upon us, then surely I can — we can — survive what we are now bringing upon ourselves. During times of great struggle, pain and suffering, the spiritual teachings of our Ancestors surge forward from within us. Continue Reading →

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