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When good people essentially do nothing

Power, politics, and policy and the influence they have over African American people

According to Pastor Terrance Jacobs, former director with the Gamaliel Organization who was appointed to Africa, power is the concentration of “organized people and organized money” (taken from the Alinsky model). Pastor Jacobs went on to explain, at the Minneapolis Neighborhood Hub’s Health Disparities training that was held in late October, that a state of powerlessness is a sin! My interpretation of his remark is that there is a whole lot of sin going around in Minnesota! In that one instance he essentially declared that seeking power is not a bad thing. Yet many of us have formed opinions about power to the effect that it is bad, that we don’t need too much of it,  and that anyone seeking too much power should be watched closely. Continue Reading →

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It’s time to stand up and shout, ‘No more!’


This is a very trying time for the African Americans in Minneapolis. First let me start off by saying there are two very important things missing that allow this tragedy to happen. First is the love of God at the center of many of our people, and second is the outright hatred of ourselves. I believe we as a people need to get up every day and say, “I like me” and say it until the day we believe it. Then get up every day and say, “I love me.” It is impossible for a Black man to love anyone if he doesn’t love himself first. Continue Reading →

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