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Former mayor to mayor-elect: Get public support for a change agenda

By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer


Minneapolis in a few weeks will see a new mayor and several new faces on the city council. Betsy Hodges was elected the city’s first White female mayor, and the election also achieved three other “firsts” — the first Somali (Abdi Warsame), the first Latina (Alondra Cano) and the first Hmong (Blong Yang) among seven new city council members. “One of the things I think is awfully important is that the city government [now] really reflects the constituents that live in the city,” said Sharon Sayles Belton in an MSR interview. “We always questioned whether or not the wards would ever support us being able to elect more people of color to the city council or other units of government. “It’s clear, given the changing demographics in Minneapolis and with the right political construct, it is absolutely possible. Continue Reading →

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