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U of M Black employees need their own support group

A reactivated Black Faculty and Staff  Association hopes to serve that purpose

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


When Alysia Lajune was hired last year by the University of Minnesota after working a dozen-plus years in such places as Columbus, Ohio and Washington, D.C., the notion that an organized Black faculty and staff group didn’t exist “shocked” her. “This is exactly the type of institution — a larger, predominately White institution” — that very much needs such a group, believes Lajune, who later learned from longtime university Black employees that one had existed over two decades ago. “The biggest issue then was [that Black] faculty felt like the organization was not meeting their unique needs, specific needs and concerns, and challenges,” she discovered. “And [Black] employees felt like faculty were being elitist and didn’t want to be involved with them,” she continued. “It became an issue of ‘We do our own thing and you guys do your own thing,’ but no real togetherness.”

Not discouraged, Lajune, who is the assistant to Vice-President of Equity and Diversity Dr. Katrice Albert, instead sought to reactivate the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA). Continue Reading →

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