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Black votes on the line with Voter ID


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer 


A year after the 2008 presidential election, calls for new voter identification laws were heard in many states, including Minnesota. Led by a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) composed mostly of Republicans, proponents claim that such a law is needed because there is “rampant voter fraud.”

ALEC’s public safety and elections task force drafted the Voter ID Act in the summer of 2009, which would require “proof of identity” to vote. Those without a valid photo ID must fill out a provisional ballot that is only counted if the voter produces an ID by the Monday following the election. It also suggests that ID cards be made available free of charge to eligible voters without a valid driver’s license. ALEC is a Republican-favored organization that is promoting “its right-wing agenda” in all 50 states, says Color of, a national activist group that has launched a national campaign calling for corporations and others to stop financially supporting the organization. Continue Reading →

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