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Taking care of yourself with some down time











Beach front, salty ocean and exotic beverages with the cute li’l umbrella…all sound really good right now! Vacations are always right on time! But when was the last time you went on one? Are you constantly putting it off? Do things always “come up” to keep you from getting a li’l R&R? Continue Reading →

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Get out of your own way: a heart-to-heart on Black women’s health




Dear Sistergirlfriend: We need to talk… The three top killers of sisters are HIV/AIDS, heart disease and cancer…in that order. I’m not trying to scare you, but you should be concerned, and I’m concerned for ya! I’m not gonna preach at you about using condoms or being selective with your partners or to watch your cholesterol, manage stress, etc. What I do want to talk about, is your mind. Continue Reading →

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Holiday cuisine: healing for the mind, body and SOUL


As we look forward to spending quality time with family and friends over a hearty spread, you might be pleased to know that holiday dinners are as good as it gets when it comes to healthy eating!  

Sweet potatoes 

This holiday staple is a treasure trove of health benefits! Rich in Vitamins C, B6, D, iron and magnesium, it not only stimulates bone, teeth and cell creation, but it also helps reduce stress, keeping colds and flu at bay. This cancer-fighting super food is also rich in potassium, keeping the heart, kidneys and nerves functioning properly. Although a “sweet” potato, its natural sugars are released slowly into the bloodstream, ensuring a balanced flow of energy — great news for diabetics! Continue Reading →

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MN Black Chamber of Commerce honors the best in Black business


The Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) hosted its Fourth Annual UMOJA Awards & Benefit Saturday, December 3, at the Metropolitan Club in Target Field. Despite a persistent snowstorm, hundreds came out to celebrate the accomplishments of the year, acknowledge outstanding entrepreneurs, and encourage college students to continue on their path to graduation. MBCC launched its new College Scholars Program to encourage mentorship of college students and ensure they not only enter college but have the support necessary to complete. Keynote speaker Ryan Mack, CNN financial expert, gave a rousing speech on the importance of remaining humble while giving back and empowering others. Led by Phillip Miner who served as master of ceremonies for the evening, the affair was spotlighted by a live and silent auction, music by C-Sharp, and a traditional African welcome featuring live drumming. Continue Reading →

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