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Summer heat and medications can be a dangerous combination for seniors

A potentially deadly danger lurks in the medicine cabinets of seniors this summer. Did you know that heat, when combined with certain medications, can seriously harm seniors? That’s why families are urged to pay special attention to seniors who are taking any medications this summer. Considering the fact that some 80-86 percent of seniors suffer from a chronic condition or disease that requires medication, the summer heat can pose significant challenges. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors are more prone to heat stroke and heat-related stress because their bodies can’t adjust to sudden changes in temperature. Seniors who take certain prescription medications are more susceptible to heat related injuries and illnesses. Continue Reading →

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What is depression?






By Dr. Dionne Hart, MD

The brain is vital to thinking, personality, mood, and daily function. Much of the brain’s functions remains a mystery; however, there is evidence depression is related to chemical changes in the brain. Depression is a medical illness that affects an individual’s mood, thought process, and function. A patient with depression may experience sadness most days, crying spells, anxiety, irritability, and an inability to feel enjoyment. Depressed patients often have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, completing goals, performing well at work or school, and recalling events. Continue Reading →

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