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A healthy me for a healthy you

When we speak about health, oftentimes physical health comes to mind first. Physical health is important for everyone to be attentive to. Just as equally, we need to be attentive to our mental and spiritual health as well. As Black folks, we have been mentally, psychically and spiritually abused on multiple levels. However, we have found ways to keep pushing. Continue Reading →

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Ten steps to setting an example for 2013: Modeling is the key!


Welcome to 2013 — the holidays have come to a close. Congratulations for making it to another new year. Many of you have set New Year’s resolutions. Some of you want to lose weight.  Some of you want to drink less alcohol. Some of you want to stop smoking. Continue Reading →

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Enjoy a healthy holiday season


Often, when we hear the term “healthy relationship” we think of intimate or romantic relations. However, healthy relationships expand past your partner and you. We need healthy relationships amongst members in our families and communities to be healthy individuals ourselves. The holiday season is a period of time when families come together, share stories, catch up, exchange pictures, and give gifts to one another. The holiday season is a time of joy. Continue Reading →

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