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Everyone claims to be a child-development expert

By Betty Ellison-Harpole

Contributing Writer

I find it very interesting to hear and read how people discuss, evaluate and analyze our children based on their little or no experience, training or education in childhood development. Many of them have learned and heard catchy phrases about our children and repeat them as the certainties. Some make claims based upon little more than their limited experiences with their own children or their friend’s children without understanding that all children are not alike in their development and/or correlating circumstances. I find these declarations are in many cases harmful as we tend to fit the same shoe on every child’s foot. I hear persons from all kinds of disciplines, i.e. engineering, marketing, and banking CEOs, politicians, lawyers, etc. Continue Reading →

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Betty Ellison-Harpole: Teaching beyond the recipe, living outside the box

By Alleen Brown

Contributing Writer


Betty Ellison-Harpole moved to the Midwest in the 1950s from segregated Memphis, Tennessee. For 37 years she taught kindergarten through third grade, as one of few African American teachers in Minneapolis schools. She piloted the city’s first all-day kindergarten class at Bethune school in the early 1980s. Although she’s retired now, Ellison-Harpole is still active in education circles, and age has not diminished her personality. If you give her the opportunity, she will talk to you for hours about early education, Minneapolis politics, and growing up poor and African American in the South. Continue Reading →

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Tight security at new MPS headquarters


The Minneapolis Public Schools has built a multi-million-dollar Education Service Center to “replace” the old 807 N.E. Broadway Service Center. This “Glass Locked Box” is located at 1250 W. Broadway Avenue. The taxpayers cannot enter the building lobby without being buzzed in by uniformed security employees. The taxpayers are then required to state their name, purpose and etc.  


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