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Indy Big Ten windfall bypasses Blacks


INDIANAPOLIS —Reportedly, $18 million was generated from last Saturday’s inaugural Big Ten football championship game. Whenever I hear or read such numbers on large-scale sporting events, I ask myself how much if any of that amount reaches the host city’s Black community. I put this question to local residents as well during my visit. “I would assume not a whole lot,” admitted Indianapolis native Anthony Arnett, who attends Sanctuary Church, located just a few blocks from the football stadium where the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts play and where the conference ti

tle game will be played for the next four years. Arnett says last weekend’s game is “a prelude for the Super Bowl” that will be played in Indianapolis in February 2012. Continue Reading →

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Three-point review of Gophers men’s and women’s basketball


By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer
A seven-game review of Minnesota women’s basketball at this point of the season yields the following three points:
First point: Billed before the season as the missing piece, Rachel Banham thus far seemingly has made a smoother transition as freshman starting point guard than her male counterpart Andre Hollins (more on him later). “I think she’s doing a great job getting a feel of things, and she’s playing a lot of minutes. She’s really pushing tempo and keeping our team playing fast,” surmises Coach Pam Borton. Second point: Will junior Leah Cotton ever play “unplugged”? Yes, she makes mistakes (i.e., silly fouls), but often makes up for it with hustle and ball hawking on defense. Continue Reading →

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2011 Hiring Report Card released

Are 22 Black hires out of 250  vacancies a ‘shinning example of change?’


We are now in college football’s annual firing and hiring season. Coincidentally, the 2010-2011 Black Coaches and Administrators (BCA) Hiring Report Card is now out as well. There were only five coaches of color in 2007 — this season there’s 19. “I believe it is one of the shining examples of positive change on the landscape of intercollegiate sport in recent times as it pertains to diversity and inclusion efforts,” said BCA Executive Director Floyd Keith in a press release. “The BCA Hiring Report Card works,” adds Dr. Richard Lapchick, the report’s primary author. Continue Reading →

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