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Traditional marriage and voter IDs at issue


Traditional marriage is a very important proposed state constitutional amendment in the company of voter IDs. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie got a lesson in civics when our Minnesota court tossed out his legal attempts to delay both amendments being on the November ballot (see my last column). I predict both the voter ID and traditional marriage amendments shall pass. Let me advise you that as quiet as it is kept, many Blacks, mainly Christian Blacks, will vote in favor of marriage between a man and woman despite Obama, football players, entertainers and others jumping out in favor of gay marriage. Why? Continue Reading →

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Black Christians are hypocritical to deny LGBT civil rights


This letter is a response to the article “Marriage amendment divides Black Christians” [MSR, Sept. 20]. The division among “Black Christians” is the key phrase. Black Christians in favor of the marriage amendment are making a grave error. The first and one of the most important parts of our Constitution is the separation between “Church” and “State.”  The creators of the Constitution were keenly aware of the inherent conflicts of religious doctrine with law. Continue Reading →

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