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Race matters in efforts to curb gun violence

Group seeks to ‘reframe’ the debate to address racial disparities
By Isaac Peterson

Contributing Writer


Leroy Duncan is an organizer with Protect Minnesota, a group of advocates, community leaders, activists and organizers committed to finding solutions to gun violence. Duncan says it is time for the gun violence debate to be reframed as a social justice issue. “Reframing gun violence as a racial justice issue is essential to solving issues of gun violence,” said Duncan. “Race has historically played a massive role in gun rights in this country. Slavery prohibited gun ownership for Black people, as well as the right to education and the right to vote.”

Citing the Emancipation Proclamation and the Black Codes passed in the South after the Civil War, which Duncan explained “prohibited freed slaves from owning firearms,” he maintains that “All the way back to slavery, this issue has mattered” and that “Moving forward, it’s only continued to matter.”

It matters, Duncan says, in the sense that “We’re seeing outrageous numbers of homicides. Continue Reading →

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