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Black girls get less athletic opportunities according to new report

NWLC Senior Counsel and Equal Opportunities in Athletics Director Neena Chaudhry

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) released a joint report with the Poverty & Race Research Action Council in April entitled “Finishing Last: Girls of Color and School Sports Opportunities. The report highlights athletic disparities based on race and gender, pointing out that U.S. high schools don’t give female students equal opportunities to play sports. Continue Reading →

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Greater diversity unlikely in post-Borton Gopher women’s basketball



Thus far, Gopher AD Norwood Teague is two-for-two in firing coaches in consecutive years. He fired Pam Borton as the school’s women’s basketball coach, seemingly less than 24 hours after her last game last week. She got the ziggy in less time than Tubby Smith got axed around this same time nearly a year ago. Borton was my fifth coach I covered as the longest tenured Gopher women hoops beat writer, She had her faults — no coach is perfect, and for whatever reason, she couldn’t convince too many local Black females to play for her.  

Former Gopher Leah Cotton, who played for Borton (2010-13), recently spoke to the MSR while in town for the team’s Senior Night March 2. Continue Reading →

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Sport world still rife with gender inequities



Why do mainstream media love “outing” female athletes whether they are single or married, gay or straight, but won’t do the same with their male counterparts? “I think it is a fair question,” said the University of Minnesota Tucker Center’s Austin Stair Calhoun, who has researched such double standards in some depth. In a recent extended story on Minnesota Lynx star Seimone Augustus in the Minneapolis daily newspaper, which named her their sportsperson of the year December 30, the female reporter made reference to Augustus’ engagement to a female. Calhoun posted in her blog that Augustus’ female fiancée was “casually mentioned” in the article. “I felt that Seimone wanted that to happen. Continue Reading →

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