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Putting the ‘Black’ in Black Friday

By Ron Daniels

Guest Commentator


The Christmas season provides an excellent opportunity for Africans in America to engage in a season of resistance. The corporate retail establishment in this country is heavily dependent upon this season for consumers to participate in a frenzy of buying to buttress their bottom line. The unofficial kick-off of the “shop until you drop” season is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is called Black Friday. This is the day corporate retail giants begin an all-out effort to induce, seduce, bribe and otherwise “persuade” consumers to buy enough goods to enable companies to “break into the black” — achieve profitability for the year. Unfortunately, the sons and daughters of formerly enslaved Africans in America, who complain about the oppressive conditions of stop-and-frisk, joblessness, the War on Drugs, crime, violence, fratricide, and the murder of unarmed Black men such as Trayvon Martin and Black women such as Renisha McBride are not immune to the seductive appeal of the Christmas season. Continue Reading →

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Strib takes wrong side in Target stores dispute



People who think that the owners of big business newspapers like the Star Tribune don’t take the side of big business should think again. A recent Star Tribune editorial suggested that Target workers who started a petition campaign to have the entire Thanksgiving Day off were just whiners. The editorial ignored the public support that had been garnered for the workers, including a few hundred thousand who signed the petition. Strib editors suggested that the workers should “buck up” and “be grateful to have a job.”

I could hardly believe my eyes. The editorial was so raw and coarse that I could have mistaken the newspapers editorial board for Southern “straw bosses” or the unreformed Ebeneezer Scrooge. Continue Reading →

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