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Black History Month Calendar of Events


Black History Month Calendar of Events
Through Thurs., Feb. 14
Saturday, February 9


11 am — Truth Be Told Spoken Word Workshop, Highland Park Library, 1974 Ford Pkwy., St. Paul

For teens: Join us for a spoken word writing and performance workshop facilitated by artist Tish Jones. Participants will use the art of spoken word to highlight their personal history while working with other writers, learning poetic devices, and crafting new works. This event is free. Continue Reading →

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St. Paul native spearheads projects highlighting Black achievement — Rondo, Toni Stone, Jimmy Lee, Dred Scott left imprint on Minnesota history


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Black folk and their accomplishments in Minnesota too often have been overlooked or undervalued, believes Frank White. For several years now White has been working on several civic projects to spotlight historic accomplishments of local Blacks. “I think what I’ve learned is growing up here in Minnesota, we [Blacks] kind of knew our place where we lived in the Rondo neighborhood,” says White in a recent interview at the MSR. “I really didn’t know why we couldn’t go way over there [and] I never questioned that. “Probably the biggest thing I learned is that Minnesota was a very biased state,” continues White. “On one hand, it was accepting of people but on another hand, Jim Crow and bias definitely was here, as it is today.”

White grew up listening to how the experiences of Blacks in the South differed from those in the North. Continue Reading →

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Ruby! The Story of Ruby Bridges: Play about civil rights-era child hero re-created in new staging



It isn’t often a figure from African America history is still around once his or her accomplishments finally are celebrated. A spectacular exception, of course, is President Barack Obama. Not nearly as famous but nonetheless a hallmark is the triumph in 1960 of little six-year-old Ruby Bridges, documented as the first child of color to set foot in a segregated elementary school. She attended William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans and, in those days, it wasn’t a simple matter of being enrolled and showing up for the first day of class in a pretty dress with your pencils all nicely sharpened as you get ready to learn your reading, writing and arithmetic. White hatred of Black people was even worse than it is today and savagely overt in the South, such that this innocent’s mom and dad, Lucille and Abon Bridges were, by request of the NAACP, taking her life in their hands. Continue Reading →

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Black History Month Calendar of Events

Black History Month Calendar of Events
Through Wed., Feb. 6

Thursday, January 31

6:30-7:30 pm — My Soul Looks Back, Sumner Library, 611 Van White Mem. Blvd., Minneapolis

Celebrate Black History Month with songs, poetry and stories that give voice to the journeys and contributions of African Americans in American history. All ages welcome. This event is free; registration is requested. Continue Reading →

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The life of Sally Fitzgerald



Pardon me if I’m not walking straight these days for the first time in my life. I understand now what pain my sons have been going

through since April 2003. Ms. Sally Fitzgerald, 78, my beloved mother, died February 22 during Black History Month. Even though it’s been about two weeks, I’m still in disbelief. She was such a strong and loving mother. Continue Reading →

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What you can do to preserve Black history — and why you should



”When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. Continue Reading →

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Now the real battle for 2012 begins — Let’s hope it doesn’t get much uglier



The ugliness during the Republican primary in Florida provided us a front-row seat in the arena of negative electioneering that has become a hallmark of the 2012 Republican campaign. To say it has been uglier in the past doesn’t excuse it. It will get worse when Republicans vs. Republicans turn their vicious and ugly campaign against Barack Obama, as Republicans train their sights on just a single target: the president. It began to emerge in Iowa. Continue Reading →

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2012 Black History Month Calendar of Events



Saturday, February 11
11 am — The Spirit of the Blues, Galaxie Library, 14955 Galaxie Ave., Apple Valley
Celebrate Black History Month as KFAI’s Lady Griot uses storytelling and live music to show the roots blues have in the music brought with the slaves from their homeland. Hear the spiritual side of this tribal music and how it relates to the 12-bar blues. A Minnesota Legacy program for ages 10 and older
This event is free. For more information, call 952-891-7045 or go to  

7-9 pm — Ignite the Spirit of Love with J.D. Steele, Ted Mann Concert Hall, Univ. Continue Reading →

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