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Why are Black boys/men demonized?







By Kevin Reese
Guest Commentator

I was born in 1986 in the middle of the crack era. I was born into a world of uncertainty, a world of confusion, poverty, missed education, and in this world I got lost. Lucky for me, and due to reasons yet to be determined, I’m now found. It has taking 27 years, an ocean of losses, few peaks and many valleys to find what I have found. I have found knowledge of self, meaningful relationships, meaningful friendships, and a meaning to life. Continue Reading →

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A letter to Black men in America








By Willie Johnson

Guest Commentator


There are a set of rules that go with being intelligent. Black men of America, wake up and smell the funk of failures. The bad taste in our minds and mouths is the rot of our thinking and talking points. Where is the round tree dialogue, so we can have discussions on our family, history and future? We have to recognize and learn to get the poison out of our psyche. Continue Reading →

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A healthy me for a healthy you

When we speak about health, oftentimes physical health comes to mind first. Physical health is important for everyone to be attentive to. Just as equally, we need to be attentive to our mental and spiritual health as well. As Black folks, we have been mentally, psychically and spiritually abused on multiple levels. However, we have found ways to keep pushing. Continue Reading →

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Why avoid single mothers?


Black men have no business looking down on single sistahs with chirren. Long as I’ve been Black, single moms proved a rule, not an exception. Plenty Black men have been, in fact, raised by a single Black woman, busting her hips, all on her own, to make do for self and the young ’uns. Which is pretty damned hard work. Why they catch more stigma than single mothers of any other color defies reason. Continue Reading →

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On crime, racism, and distrust of police


“When you shoot somebody, that’s not the only person that you’re killing.”  

— Nona Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s daughter, testifying after his death


I attended a neighborhood meeting on racism. Afterward I mentioned the comments I heard in that meeting regarding law enforcement to one of our law enforcement officials. “It’s hopeless,” he said when I conveyed the negative comments from the seminar, “when that’s how they feel about us.”

So I stepped out from behind his hopelessness and asked to meet with another public relations representative from the local police department to see what could be and/or what is being done about this impasse between the electorate and their peace officers. Broad publicity has been given to the cases of O. J. Simpson, Rodney King, and Henry Louis Gates (and his meeting with President Obama) when each of these celebrities of color had run-ins with the law. Another famed activist, Angela Davis, is a proponent for the rights of inmates and speaks out on prisons as factories that house an inordinate number of young Black men compared to their ratio in the American population. Continue Reading →

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